July 10, 2006

there is no reason not to leave the EU

Ruth Lea has a good article in the Telegraph on why we don't need to be in the EU. For me two point stood out, this on the protectionist nature of the EU:
Mr Sanderson said that trade negotiations conducted through the EU were "glacial" compared with the bilateral deal-making favoured by, for example, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

He is, of course, right about the EU's tardiness, except when protectionist interests raise their heads above the parapet. Then quotas are slapped on textile imports from China ("bra wars") and tariffs slapped on Chinese and Vietnamese shoe imports ("shoe wars") quicker than you can say "Peter Mandelson".
The reason for which is simple, just follow the money. As a customs union the EU creams off a percentage off all the tarriffs that it imposes. More tarriffs, more money. Less tarriffs, less money. You can obviously see what the Eurocrats are going prefer, since there has to be money available in the EU coffers before they can embezel it.

The conclusion also seemed important as it does away with one of the major pro-EU myths
Finally, should we worry about losing influence over the EU's regulations? Not really - for two reasons.

First, British current influence is feeble and will remain feeble. We simply don't fit in.

Second, EU red tape hits 100pc of the economy, while only 13pc is traded with the EU. It's time to consider the silent 87pc.
Everything the EU does turns to crap, it should not exist. While it does exist the best that we can do is leave and show that a better way is possible to try and speed up it's eventual collapse.


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